Bed With Trundle Solution Small Space

Bed With Trundle Pull Out

Bed With Trundle – The bed is the most important piece of furniture in the room because in it the function par excellence of these spaces is the rest. In small bedrooms the trundle beds are an ingenious solution. They fulfill the function of being places of rest and at the same time furniture with drawers to store bedding or any other element. The trundle beds are inlaid with each other by means of wheels that move to the lower bed, partially or totally removing it from its site.

When the lower bed is not in use, it enters the space below the upper bed. Disappearing completely from view, concealing its existence. The trundle beds are often emergency beds to provide a comfortable space for visitors who stay overnight. The bed with trundle can be easily build, only the height and width of the lower bed must be take into account. Which most times must be 10 centimeters shorter than the upper bed.

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The only difference in the construction of a bed with trundle is the system of four wheels with locks that must be carry to facilitate the movement of the bed. The colors of both the bed base and the cover and cushions provide for the design to be completely harmonious and maintain the architectural language that was adopting for the room. The space of the auxiliary bed should be contemplate within the interior design.