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Canopy Bed Set – The beds with canopy are not a thing of the present, but its use is very old. In past times they were a sign of the status of the person who slept in them. A symbol of wealth and high social status. However, design modern canopy beds can become an extraordinary resource for furniture a bedroom. In contrast to the classic and stately models of four-poster beds in which the structures were richly ornamented, modern canopy beds opt for simplicity.

These are light structures, barely decorated and, in many cases, do not even have curtains to hide the bed. The straight forms and pure lines are the characteristics that differentiate the modern canopy bed set from the more traditional ones. The most common is that they are made of wood, although they can be made of iron or wrought iron. As for the posts, the shape of the same also distinguishes some beds with a modern canopy of others.

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They can be of square or round section. Sometimes they close at the top with horizontal crossbars and at other times they do not, only the four posts appear. These models are simpler. Another aspect that differentiates some modern canopy bed set from others is the finish. If they are made of wood, they can show a natural or varnished finish. In light or dark colors, or be painted in any color.