Double Full Size Trundle Bed

Top Full Size Trundle Bed

Full size trundle bed are a good way to provide additional sleeping space for guests, while saving space because the bed is designed to slide under an existing, full-size bed. When necessary, the nest can be easily removed and used. These beds can also be easily built at home with a few materials and a little creativity.

Place the double mattress on the floor and measure the length, width and depth of the mattress. Measure the distance from the floor to the bottom of the bed. Compare this to the height of the mattress. The mattress should be at least four inches shorter than the height of the bed so that it can be stored properly underneath. Measure and cut a piece of wood for the base of the full size trundle bed to the same measurements of the double mattress. Do not add more than one and a half extra inches to the width or length of the base.

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Construct a rectangular frame on the plywood base using the four pieces of wood. Place the frame pieces together using L-brackets and screws at each corner. Turn the base and fasten four wheels of the wheels at the bottom using screws. Place each of the wheels about an inch and a half from the edge of each corner. Flip the base over so that the wheels are resting on the ground. Place the completed frame on top of the base. Place the frame on the base with heavy-duty staples or nails. Paint or stain the full size trundle bed.

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