Good Ideas Sturdy Bunk Beds

Wonderful Sturdy Bunk Beds

Sturdy bunk beds – When there are several children sharing a room, putting them in bunk beds saves space on the floor. When planning bunk beds for your children’s room, consider how you can arrange for the most effective design and storage options regardless of the size of the room.

To add storage and make an easier way to get to the top bunk than by a ladder, create a set of wide steps that go from the ground up. Install a drawer under the side of each vertical plate to hold toys, clothes and games. This type of sturdy bunk beds is best for older children who are not likely to fall down stairs. If a ladder is easier for your child to use, install drawers behind it, with the back towards the end of the bunk and a handle that can be accessed between the rungs.

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Create an integrated design to make sturdy bunk beds look like they are original to the house. Install individual beds along a wall and insert them into it with boards and moldings that make it look as if the beds were built at the same time as the rest of the structure. Put drawers or shelves underneath to continue the look and provide additional storage; on very long walls, install shelves on both sides of the beds. This type of bed is fun for children, since each bed looks like a personal cave. This is also a practical option for a cabin or summer house because you can place more beds in a room this way, and therefore can accommodate additional guests and family.

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