Ideas Of Decorate Chic Bedding Sets

Contemporary Chic Bedding Sets

Chic bedding sets – When designing the look of your bedroom, the bed is a natural focal point of visual and thematic. It can be difficult to find bedding that exactly matches your vision. The color should be adequate, the lines created by the bedding should be pleasant, and the style should contribute to the general room. If you cannot find the perfect bedding system in stores, create some to suit all your needs. Your own is a cost effective way to link your bedroom. One way to do it is with appliques, which is to sew forms of fabric on a cloth base.

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Ideas of decorate chic bedding sets. Sketch several graphic designs that you want to put on your bed. When you find a shape you like, sketch out different configurations to see how it will look when applied to the bedding.

Then for decorate chic bedding sets, choose the fabric for your applique pieces. This could be solid colors for a simple but bold look, or woven pattern of interest. Coordinate the colors with your solid bedding and the surrounding environment. With the marker for fabric or chalk, draw its shape on the back of your applique fabric. Cut the shape using fabric scissors, leaving approximately 1/4 inch of the fabric outside of your marked line to allow space to finish the edges.

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