Let’s Talk About Cool Sims 4 Bunk Beds

Dorm Sims 4 Bunk Beds

If you look at the structures of the sims 4 bunk beds, they are full of holes where members of the child’s body can easily be introduced. Such as a hand, a leg, or even depending on the area. Even your own head can fit. Currently, the European regulations specify the clearances that must exist in the structure. So that a part of the body can easily be inserted and removed in any existing hole. But you can still find a lot of furniture that does not comply with these safety features.

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For any of these reasons: it is manufactured in a foreign country that does not include European safety standards. It is an old piece of furniture, or it is second-hand purchased furniture. Another of the most common risks are the blows you may receive while moving while sleeping or while trying to get on or off sims 4 bunk beds.

We must bear in mind that the structure of the children’s berths is much more bulky, since it has barriers, stairs, supports to join both sims 4 bunk beds, and therefore it is very easy the involuntary contact of a part of the body with any of these elements .This type of blows are mostly due to confusions or uncontrolled movements when sleeping, and depending on the force of the impact, they often cause striking bruises and pain in the affected area.

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