Making Single Bunk Bed

Wonderful Single Bunk Bed

Single bunk bed – By using your imagination, you can change a basic double bed into a high bed for a child or teenager. One way to do this is to use pipes, PVC or metal, for the construction of a high bed shape. You want to design frame to fit around the existing bed that you get a super strong space that is visually appealing. It is possible to include book shelves or a living space, for example. Draw a design using pipes for the main support structure, but include flat sections of plastic or metal to improve the design as well.

Measuring the footprint of the floor and surrounding wall space can allow a high single bunk bed. Take into account the armors of light covers, windows, door frames and hot air vents as you present dimensions. The design of the high construction bed with 2-inch PVC pipe or 1 1/2 inch stainless steel pipe. Draw each section of the bed on the graph paper, leaving space for a child to sit on the bed in the upper bunk.

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Create the single bunk bed design with the computer software, as an option, which will include a ladder, mattress pad, bar to avoid falling out of bed, and a bookcase or desk in the lower level. Cut with a saw when cutting PVC pipes or use a jigsaw with a metal cutting blade for metal pipes. Cut the entire tube frame for the longest pieces first, so you will waste less pipe. Drill necessary holes for screws or metal brackets to attach to the metal pipes to maintain the mattress platform.