Making White Trundle Bed

Wonderful White Trundle Bed

White trundle bed is good color. A trundle bed frame is similar to a platform bed, since it is not necessary to accommodate a mattress and may not have any legs or supports other than those in the corners of the frame. A solid layer of wood can form the platform. The head may be a separate element or an extension of the two legs at one end of the frame. The rest of the legs and sides can take any shape, although the weft should be high enough to accommodate a drawer below it, usually more than 1 foot in height.

White trundle bed with drawers can have a large single drawer, which contains a single mattress or a series of storage drawers that can be opened from one side of the bed. The rails for the drawers must be associated with the bed structure legs near the point where the floor meets. Wheels provide additional support for trundle bed drawers, by allowing them to slide along the rails, but also roll on the floor below and next to the bed.

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Most of the white trundle bed is made of wood, which offers the most options for a homemade version. A sheet of plywood is appropriate for the frame platform and any common wood furniture, such as oak, pine and cherry, can form the legs, headboard, and sides of the bed. The drawer can use another sheet of plywood, slightly smaller than the one that serves as the platform of the frame, and the sides from hardwood or plywood with a veneer finish.