Tips For Making Teen Loft Bed

Stylish Teen Loft Bed

Teen loft bed – One of the main benefits of making a high bed is that it can help to free space on the floor by lifting the bed so that the space below it can be made usable. Of course, this requires a solid and resilient base. Many loft beds can be purchased through kits that can be assembled. If you want to make your own loft base, however, it is important that the solid and compact wood to ensure that the bed can withstand a large amount of weight. In addition, the four vertical legs must be compatible with horizontal pieces placed between the legs at each end.

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The top of the teen loft bed, there are two different ways of making the top of the bed. If you want to use a box spring, then the top of the bed may simply be a wooden frame with edges that support the periphery of the box spring. While offering greater support, mattresses push the mattress, which can make it uncomfortably close to the ceiling.

Ladder and other accessories. Once the teen loft bed is built, the last step is to build a way to get up and down the bed. While some people like to simply use wooden slats to support them as a way to get on the bed, this can be dangerous and can put stress on the frame. A simple ladder can be constructed from two to four legs while the ladder rungs are well supported. Appliances for creating additional support for the rungs are easy to obtain at hardware stores. Finally, additional shelves can be placed under the mattress, or outside the sides at the height of the mattress for storage and additional comfort.

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